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FAQ – rdp & VPS

What is difference between rdp & VPS?
What are different payment methods I can use to buy your services?
What all I will get when I order a service?
How can I renew my Service?
What if I failed to renew my Service?
How can i install my required software?
Do you provide software support?
Am I allowed to use rdp/VPS for bulk mailing?
In how much time after the order, shall I get my rdp/VPS details?
I ordered wrong rdp/VPS by mistake. What shall i do?
What if I am found running mail-cracker/Brute-force, DDoS attacks or any likewise malicious program or activity?
Are Torrents allowed on rdp/VPS?
My favorite website is not opening. What can be done?
What if Server IP given to me is blacklisted?
Can I get a test account before placing the final order?
Do you keep activity logs?
Do you have a refund policy?